Saturday, October 16, 2010

Using Photo Sharing Sites wk 5

I like the idea of starting a global classroom to classroom communication through pictures. It reminds me of pen pals. The students or me would/could take pictures of school events and seasons and get a feel of what is similar and different around the world.
Another way I would consider using this in the class would be to show students how being published for the world to see could have negative and positive effects. I would start a project that would have them post recreation pictures. I would do mock interviews and have the “potential boss” search their pictures. The students would see how their image to “strangers” is important and definitely does matter. Especially for middle or high school students this would show them that cool is not always cool to their outside circle and the world out there does not care if they know Bobby or Sue or Bobby or Sue are not the greatest associates. A Facebook or Myspace pose does not always show a good side of you.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Social networking sites

What was the target audience for this social networking site?
The African American community.
How long was the site in existence?
It started in 1999 and is still strong. According to New America it has over 14 million members.
Why was it popular? What was its demise?
It is popular because it appeals to reader’s interest and not only that of the website producers. It has dating, job searches, news stories, friendship opportunities and forms that focus on what the online community is positing. I don’t see any demise in its past or future.
Is/was there another competitor in the same market that was more popular?
Asian Avenue had more users in 2000 and has since dropped due to making free features a premium service that required users to pay.
Would you ever consider creating an account and using it? Explain your reason using a personal experience as an example.
I would not. I took a look at Blackplanet, Asian Avenue and MiGente all sister sites. I feel that all are racial. They all talk about other sources being stereotypical and racist, however when they all plainly and boldly say their website is for a certain race or culture than that is racist no matter what color it is. Just because it is not white does not mean it is not partial and racist. Oh sorry I got carried away for a moment. My personal experience as an example would be, well I don’t have any really. I once had a face book account and canceled that because it was pointless (my opinion of course). All my friends were ones I saw every day, well except for some creeper who knew the very exact second I dis-friended (my new word) him. My friend that moved to Chile whom I talked to on the phone anyway. Face book did not seem geared to one specific race or culture.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

web 2.0 comments. Week 4

The last sentence of point two is a real eye opener. I am always trying to get my students to open up and become interested in the context of literature. It has to start with interest in others ideas and passion before a great conversation can take place. I think this point will help students in class become more expressive in a tactful manner.

Point number four is great for teaching us how to start great learning material. The internet itself without all the advertisements is the new resource center for everything. There are a lot of knowledgeable people out there and when they come together to answer a question from experience, or find an answer than they will continue to participate and recommend the website.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Week three, wiki

I might use this in my class by showing students how they are progressing or regressing. A lot of kids require structure so I think this would be a great way to show them that they are being held accountable at different levels, such as school districts, teachers, parents, and testing resources. Students often think that it is mostly teachers or parents who are monitoring their progress and no one else really cares. I think would it be a great way to show them that it truly takes a village to raise and educate a child. The only real problem with it would be that the files are private and often if there has been trauma you wouldn’t and couldn’t show students even their personal file without permission from a guardian.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

week two assignment

I agree with weblogg-ed titled questions posted September, 22nd. He is asking why our kids spend time on things that won’t be a big part of our lives or careers. We should be spending more time on what we will or want to practice our adult life. His comments to bmason makes since. If we don’t need it we will forget it. It doesn’t matter how much of something you learn, if you don’t put it into practice and exercise it regularly than it is time that could be geared to something else.
A parents 2.0 back to school dilemma starts with talking about structure and leads to how to lecture teachers on teaching. I don’t whole heartedly agree with a lot of the arguments in this post. Sure there are the few that talk about communicating in a positive manner with teachers, but the ones that say they are concerned about engaging kids in bigger conversations, excusing them from homework that they understand and sending resource links to education personal is hard for me to agree with. I mean all that is great experience for our children. We should be the ones to build bonds through deeper conversations with our children. Lastly structure in the school environment teaches children how to focus.
Not what you know post asked if kids are being taught life skills that will help them with the hiring process. Well writing a great resume is a great life skill that needs to be taught. I don’t really agree with his thinking that a “knowledge test” is not as important as showcasing your skills. Tests make many nervous and feeling intimidated. Learning how to take a test is a great interviewing skill that teaches you how focus and pick out key concepts. No employer wants an employee who lacks confidence, even if his technology skills are awesome.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I hope they learn something

Teach my students that it is far more important to know how to find an answer than it is to know an answer.  I admitted many times that I don’t remember all the formulas to a math equation but by reading and researching in the text I can figure it out within a few minutes.  I would like to teach my students to be self reliant and question everything and anything that they don’t fully understand.  I want them to be extremely comfortable and confident in their responses and completed assignments.  I want them to understand that an assignment may not be the traditional paper assignment but it also includes a task I give them.  I hope this will prepare them to compete in a healthy manner that will drive them to never be satisfied with only their idea of success.  I want them to not desire what someone else has simply because they can’t use their own imagination to come up with something great for themselves.  I want them to desire and achieve their own dreams, even if that dream means not living by the standard norm of being a millionaire or having a house full of material possessions. I love to do hands on, in person teaching because I feel that it not only excites the student but also the teacher.  I want my students to see that teachers get excited and moved by their student’s effort and genuine participation.  I want my students to see that their teacher has a genuine interest in their educational success which is a portal to their life success.    If they don’t not learn any of the above mentioned than I hope that they leave my class knowing that an education is not a right it is a privilege.  Especially for women who currently in other countries are denied education because they are not meant for anything other than child-birth, servitude and as an exchange for goods.  They should also realize at the time that an education does not automatically anyone better than someone, what betters you is how you use that education.